Improvement such as:

  • Defining problems
  • Working with your staff in problem-solving
  • Recommending different testing procedures or methods
  • Defining research protocols
  • Providing expertise in product or process development
  • Investigating a cause of product or failure

Our Guarantee, Always

If you have questions or see any issue with the way things are done, just say so. We believe in open communication. Just let us know what’s on your mind. Whether it’s a simple conversation or taking an entirely new direction, the important thing is that you remain confident.

Consulting Services

ProChem not in your area as a provider.

If ProChem Energy Services is not in your area as a product supplier, that’s not a problem. Use our experience to your favor by employing our Consulting Services to better manage your chemical programs, thus promoting better protection of your valuable producing assets. Our team will work to add significant value by applying new perspectives and management philosophies to your current programs. We can even manage new supplier bid evaluations to make sure you get the most “BANG FOR YOUR BUCK” from your future chemical investment dollars. To get the maximum profit from your investment it takes resolve and experience, we have an abundance of both available to support your chemical needs and requirements!


Providing quality chemical solutions one drop at a time